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The message-board community provides education, support, tools, and perspective to help family and relationship partners of individuals with traits of Borderline Personality Disorder traits or other impulse disorders (e.g. Bi-polar, OCD, ADHD).

Here you'll find people with problems similar to your own. Members share their personal experiences and offer one another emotional support and have in-depth discussions about human psychology and interpersonal skills techniques. is committed to provide a constructive environment of support, healing, open communication and safety. This is not a victims community or an emotional free-for-all. Participants who come here should be serious about learning and growing and agree to comply with the guidelines which are listed below and which are administered by a moderation staff.

Membership is extended to all countries and regions, races, religions and sexual orientations.

There are four classes of membership: general members, recognized members, advisors and moderators, and professional members.

General Members: The requirements of membership are five-fold; 1. that you have a current or past relationship with an individual exhibiting Borderline Personality Disorder traits or traits of another personality disorder, 2. that you are serious about improving your current lifestyle and emotional well-being, 3. that you are willing to support others in the improvement of their lifestyle and emotional well being, 4. that you will comply with the community rules and respect the board moderators, 5. that you are 18 years of age or older.

BPD Educators: Members suffering with BPD traits should not attempt to provide a "BPD perspective" to other members.

Members who have suffered with BPD traits or recovered from them and who have been active in the community may apply to become "educators" and assist in educating the membership about Borderline Personality Disorder. Please contact a moderator if you are interested here. "Educator" positions are subject to staff approval. There are guidelines established for this purpose.

Recognized Members: Some senior members with an established reputation for proving sound advice are nominated to display titles like DSA (distinguished service award), distinguished member, or board specialist. Recognized members have no moderating authority.

Professional Members: Members participating in a professional capacity shall register as a professional and use their real identity. We welcome your participation and your studies. Professional memberships and topics are subject to approval - candidates shall provide credentials (e.g., license, IRB, CV's, etc) to the moderators upon request.

Professional members may post in Learning Boards threads and in threads that they initiate. They must have topics approved before posting and they must declare the specific purpose of the thread in the first paragraph and manage the thread to keep it singularly on that focus. Professional members are restricted from coaching members on their personal situations.

Professionals may participate as undeclared regular members. We require that you not disclose your profession (e.g., clinicians, therapists, lawyers, writers, and researchers, etc.) to any members or refer to your professional training when posting as that may give the impression that you are offering clinical advice or that your opinion is superior to others. It is still required that you disclose your professional capacity to the staff. This disclosure will be held in confidence.

Advisors and Moderators: All moderation staff are recruited to rotating terms from the general membership based on their leadership and skills/knowledge. Moderators and Advisors are required to complete an online training seminar to learn the site policies and procedures and then intern under a more senior staff member for 4 months to learn moderation skills. Moderators have, on average, 2,000 hours of service on this site or other similar support organizations. Moderators and Advisors are on board daily and can be reached by clicking on their name in the masthead (i.e., personal message) or by using the report to moderator button at the bottom right of every post.

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February 10, 2019