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Author Topic: AJ Mahari: Online Reputation, Independent Review  (Read 2435 times)
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« Reply #20 on: October 29, 2013, 04:21:43 PM »

I know BPD, on all sides (except I've never had children) from the inside out. I also have substantial formal education.

Hi AJ, thanks for filling us in.

Can you tell us more about your formal education?

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« Reply #21 on: October 30, 2013, 08:27:03 AM »

Ms. Mahari began writing about the disorder at the age of 32, at the peak of her struggles. Diagnosed with BPD at the age of 19, and after living a life devastated by this disorder, Ms. Mahari began to make progress on her recovery in her mid- 30s, a process that took her almost 8 years to complete.

Ms. Mahari's early life was, in her own words, "a mess", and included leaving an abusive home as a teenager, countless minimum wage jobs, 3 unfinished college degrees (Radio and Television Arts, Journalism, Social Worker), 3 failed relationships, and health problems.

Ms. Mahari worked for a small newspaper, The Voice Magazine in 1998, with a Southwestern Ontario circulation of 20,000. Ms. Mahari started blogging on the Internet in early 2000's, and self publishing 8 e-books that have sold 1,000 copies . Ms. Mahari has been quoted in numerous books and has made radio appearances on Canadian radio.

Ms. Mahari, now lives in the Province of Ontario.

Ms. Mahari gave us a brief bio back in 2007.  smiley

Arctic Monkey

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« Reply #22 on: February 09, 2014, 04:36:24 AM »

I think A J Mahari basically has some very good stuff to say. She is also pretty sensitive from what I can tell. 

Her communication style is terrible. She either needs to get some coaching on how to give a presentation and make an informative video, or write a script and invest in an autocue machine so that she can read from it. Her style in the videos is rambling, disorganised, repetitive and flits backwards and forwards between topics.

Another thing is they clearly don't have access to good website designers in Canada. Her website is too busy and cluttered, difficult to navigate and very thin on information other than tasters of the many products you can purchase from her - and are bombarded with distracting adverts for.

So if you can wade through the website, which is in serious need of some feng shui, there are some real pearls of wisdom on there. And if you suffer from insomnia her videos are great!


This board is intended for general questions about BPD and other personality disorders, trait definitions, and related therapies and diagnostics. Topics should be formatted as a question.

Please do not host topics related to the specific pwBPD in your life - those discussions should be hosted on an appropraite [L1] - [L4] board.

You will find indepth information provided by our senior members in our workshop board discussions (click here).

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« Reply #23 on: September 15, 2015, 04:38:50 PM »

@ AJ Maharie

I followed up on one her videos and I saw these Google listings. I understand that she has no connection with this website other than being a member. I'm a web developer. I am really surprised to see her using Website spoofing to market herself. It's kinda CREEPY.
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Person in your life: Romantic partner’s ex
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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

« Reply #24 on: January 07, 2016, 12:31:37 PM »

Staff only

I just split out this review. We have enough comments on AJ to justify a stand alone thread.

Please be objective, fair, and balanced in any comments made - this person is self-employed in this field - she is not a volunteer.

Marketing her services under the BPDfamily name has given us all some pause. We have asked her a few months ago to not use our name. Hopefully she will clean this up. It certainly raises some questions.

"What I want is what I've not got, and what I need is all around me." ~Dave Matthews

Site Director
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Person in your life: Ex-romantic partner
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« Reply #25 on: September 22, 2016, 02:31:32 PM »

I have decided to remove the term “BPDfamily" and "BPD Family" from from: domains, meta files, titles, menus, urls, css labels, alt tags, description tags, word clouds and  any unnatural, or grammatically or punctually incorrect use in sentences.

I will complete the domains and metas files by as soon as I can & as fast as I can. Within 2 - 3 weeks (likely faster but if I need tech help with meta tags may have to wait on my tech person's schedule. I will work through the remainder consistently and as fast as I can. Is 2 months reasonable as long as you continue to see the progress?

I am very sorry and did not understand the technical search engine and other implications and I never intentionally (despite how it may well have appeared) sought to be misleading, spoofing, or deceptive in any way. I do, however, accept responsibility and apologize to all at bpdfamily.com for a regrettable set of circumstances and I ask for forgiveness of all.

I have always respected bpdfamily.com and did not mean to in anyway be perceived as trying to misuse or misrepresent myself as affiliated with your wonderful website. ~ A.J. Mahari

Happy ending are good endings. smiley  AJ has been a professional member since 2007. A lot of goodwill and trust is generated over time and its a great thing to have when working through awkward situations.

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