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An appeal is a dispute of a moderators action and claim that the action is inconsistent with site policy or guidelines.

Filing a request here initiates a hearing with 4-8 staff members who were not part of the matter in question.

Moderator has Violated Site Policy
Form 201-A
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I am contesting a moderator's action.
The moderator violated the site policy and guidelines.
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Describe the specific incident that you are appealing.
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What specific moderation action was inconsistent with policies oe guidelines of the site?
What resolution are you seeking?
How do you feel about the community? The staff? Your co-members overall?
Please enter a response to both questions.

This process can take as long as a week. Issues are investigated by the hearing committee and discussed in detail so please be very specific and write constructively and completely.

The staff will not review the following:

questions on how other members were moderated or who is more at fault in a dispute;
continuation of a dispute topic;
challenges of the validity or appropriateness of the teaching materials or the guidelines;
challenges of the authority or qualifications of the staff.

SELECT ONE: Clarification | Appeal | Reinstatement | Technical Problem

Updated: 06/03/14