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If your access has been suspended, you are in the right place. The purpose of this process is to resolve disputes in a fair and responsible way and to find ways to blend members into the community in ways that work for them and fit the support group format. The process is about open and respectful two-way communication. Filing a request here starts a dialog with 4-8 staff members who were not part of the matter in question.

Reinstatement Request
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The minimum time is 8 hours.
Describe the situation that resulted in the suspension.
We are asking this to determine if you have reflected on the situation and considered all sides and the impact on the community - openness, honesty, and self-awareness are important here.
Why do you feel the moderation action was taken, or what do you believe our intent was?
Please read (click here) first . What do you think needs to happen on your side and ours to resolve this dispute and go forward in harmony?
We are asking this to determine what has been learned in this process - understanding the culture of the community, the guidelines, and the tone of the community is important here.
How do you feel about the community? The staff? Your co-members overall?
We are asking this to determine if this community is a good fit for you - are you comfortable with the educational platforms, the tone of the board and member interactions, and the self focus?

Important: Suspensions are not punishment. They are intended to create the space necessary to resolve matters. Before applying for reinstatement, we ask that you wait until a "cooling period" has expired. If one has not been stated, please wait at least 8 hours after the suspension/timeout took place.

Requests for reinstatement are reviewed in a hearing. Matters are reviewed in great detail and may include a review of the posting history of one or more members which are then discussed in detail among the hearing participants. The process can take as long as 5 days.

The information you supply and your honesty and self-awareness will weigh very heavily in the staff review, so please be complete in your responses. The staff will also look at prior communications and your prior participation in the community.

The staff will not review the following:

questions on how other members were moderated or who is more at fault in a dispute;
continuation of a dispute topic;
challenges of the validity or appropriateness of the teaching materials or the guidelines;
challenges of the authority or qualifications of the staff.

If a matter cannot be amicably resolved, the member may be asked to look for a community that better fits their expectations. This is not to suggest that the staff are correct - they may be wrong - but merely an acknowledgement that it's best to move forward rather than struggle with conflicting philosophies.

SELECT ONE: Clarification | Appeal | Reinstatement | Technical Problem

Updated: 06/03/14