For individuals with borderline personality traits.

BPDFamily is a dedicated site for family members. The clinical advisors and article are specialized for this purpose. The following sites are recommended for individuals with borderline personality traits. The advisors and article on these sites are specialized for people looking coping with the disorder and looking for information and support. Our hearts are with you. We're all in this togther.

10 Best Websites for Borderline Personality <click>
This site is operated by an advocacy group promoting factual and practical information for both patients and family members who are dealing with Borderline personality disorder. It is a cooperative effort sponsored by clinicians, people with borderline personality disorder, family members, and researchers.

PsychCentral <click>
This is a small, moderated, peer to peer community that has 7+ posts per day in the BPD section plus a chat room. This site has a message board and two scheduled chat sessions each week with owner John Grohol (PsyD). Grohol received his graduate training in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University in 1995 and began this site in 1996. He endorses this site. PsychCentral is HonCode certified.

FaceBook <click>
Just another young lady that suffers from BPD (her description of herself) and knows way too much about it for her own good. She posts pics about mental health and how she feels. If you can relate, or just want to understand, like the page and share. Her inbox is always open. "You are all so beautiful... don't ever let anyone tell you different."

Psych Forums <click>
This is a larger, lightly moderated, peer to peer group with 50+ posts per day. This is a very liberal site. The site is operated by Sean Bennick. Bennick, who has been diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, is a user as well as webmaster and web designer. The site is owned by Carron Consulting - a engineering firm in Washington State.